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CategoryN - Medicine and biotechnology / Medycyna i biotechnologia

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 ECOLOGICAL TOOTHPASTE with multiple implications
Invention discription
 The invention refers to an ecological toothpaste with multiple implications in cleaning the oral cavity. This is a creamy paste, made from concentrated aqueous dispersions based on extracts of herbs (basil / lavender, rosemary), fruit (pineapple) and seeds of buckthorn, flax, hay, jasmine, blended in proportions technological defined with very fine crumb of rice, egg shell, spirulina, sodium bicarbonate and NaCl. The paste is applied with a toothbrush and is used to clean and improve the health and aesthetic appearance of teeth.
Patent ApplicationRO
Date of Patent Application2015

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Kamel Earar,
Luoana- Florentina Pascu,
Andrei Victor Sandu,
Mădălina Nicoleta Matei,
Ion Sandu,
Ioan Gabriel Sandu,