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CategoryK - Agriculture, horticulture, gardening and food industry / Rolnictwo, ogrodnictwa, przetwórstwo spożywcze

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 This invention based its purpose to provide dietary food supplement which majorly comprises of lotus leaves including lotus roots and its seeds, as well as burdocks, Angelica Utilis Makino herbs, acai berries, and kudzu vines of all which are used as main ingredients in this innovative dietary food composition and its transformation methods including grinding into powder, packing into pills and capsules, and also into tea bags. With the manufacturing method of this innovative food composition using lotus leaves for human body diet, one can easily consume the composite and enjoy a much effective and healthier diet enabling human body to heal from adult disease and further detoxify itself the more composites one take. Further effects include: removing saturated and stuck feces from intestines, preventing blood vessels from clotting and active oxygens from compressing as well as neutralizing toxic substances. It also helps in curing emotional health and thus aids many healing effects to emotional depression, sadness, anxieties as well as menopausal disorders – making it a product of ages in the simplified healthy food industry. Level 1 “Lotus Leaf (Detox) Diet” contains lotus leaf, root, and its seed, burdocks, kudzu vine, herbs, Chinese pearl barley, as main ingredients that initially cleans liver, blood vessels, intestines, and detoxes body while reducing body fat and eliminate stuck feces in intestines. Level 2 “Lotus Leaf’s Diet for Women’s Menopausal Symptoms” uses lotus leaf, roots, and its seeds mixed with burdock, kudzu vine to produce dietary effects and also prevents body from high blood pressure, helps sleeping problems while raising body energy, healing stress, and purifying blood. Level 3 “Lotus Leaf Bamboo Salt Diet” uses lotus leaf, roots and seeds, Chinese barley, burdock with bamboo salt that has been broiled 9 times to give effects of diet, preventing high blood pressure and diabetes while improving skin reformation, and raising level of immunity. Level 4 “Lotus Leaf Seaweed Diet” uses lotus leaf, roots and seeds, Chinese barley, burdock, kudzu root, seaweed and kelp leaf in which outcomes the effect to continue throughout the course of the entire detox effect in body. Level 5 “Lotus Leaf Green Coffee Bean Diet” adds green coffee bean in the primary list of ingredients that heals hyperlipidemia and helps to digest fat. Level 6 “Lotus Leaf Pineapple Enzymes Diet” is a version with pineapple as additional ingredients in the primary group to give diuretic effect and help ease headaches, absorb carbohydrates and decompose useless protein. Level 7 “Lotus Leaf Pill Doses” uses the major ingredients of lotus leaf, roots and seeds, Angelica Utilis Makino herbs, burdock, kudzu root, and Chinese barley to nourish nutrients and supplement the body in its dietary period and regenerates body cells while giving much rela
Patent10-2016-0060909 KOREA
Patent Application10-1658618 KOREA
Date of Patent Application2016-05-18

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Ji Yoon Jung,
Min Ji Kim,