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CategoryK - Agriculture, horticulture, gardening and food industry / Rolnictwo, ogrodnictwa, przetwórstwo spożywcze

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 The process of manufacturing and producing lotus leaf health compositions sprinkle multi-fusion dietary effect into one’s everyday life and it is applicable for the following products and applications: 1. Original Raw Material (Making Lotus Leaf in Powder Forms) - Processed by mixing lotus leaf, root and its seed with burdock, Angelica Utilis Makino herbs, acai berry, and kudzu root as main ingredients. In addition, supplementary ingredients such as Aeculus turbinata tea leaf, Moringa branch, Chinese barley, graviola, chiaseed, and mountain herbs are added to the mix to give flawless health enhancing effect. - A total of 12 different kinds of abovementioned ingredients are mixed in manufacturing process to produce the original raw material of lotus leaf health diet food composition. 2. Tablets and Pills: applicable for capsuling; both solid and dosage forms made into both medicinal and nutritional supplement products. 3. Drinks and Beverages: use dried lotus leaf, root, and its seeds to boil in water to produce 100% natural and organic vitamin lotus tea; can be produced as other kinds of drinks and beverages. 4. Energy Drinks: made with 100% natural/organic vitamin derived from lotus. 5. Organic Soap and Skin Care Products and Cosmetics: using powdered lotus leaf along with all raw materials manufactured to produce a variety of soaps, bath gels, and cleansing soap; even into beauty products and cosmetics. 6. Car wiper fluid and antifreeze products: effective product for car industry with the wiper fluid that gives protective effect on car windshields from pollutants and outdoor contaminates. 7. Cigarette/Tobacco Filter: inserting solidified ball made of lotus leaf raw materials into cigarette filters as a new type of cigarette; similar to those common menthol cigarettes, and now for lotus leaf cigarettes. 8. Application of Lotus Leaf Raw Material as a New Recipe: for existing meals or common cooking recipes without changing its primary flavor, but making it healthier. Some examples include lotus leaf applied soybean paste, red pepper paste, soy sauce, kimchi, etc. 9. Nutritive Flour: using lotus leaves, roots and seeds as main ingredients and the output of a new healthy flour that can be used in making of all bakery and or dairy food products. 10. Natural Seasoning: using lotus leaves and making or mixing with different types of seasonings, spices, and condiments. 11. Sun-dried or Bamboo Salt: using 100% natural materials and ingredients of the lotus raw materials for healthier cooking where salt is involved. 12. Nutritive Soup: made of lotus seeds. 13. High-Tech Nanotechnology for Making Fibers for Clothes, Sportswear and Multipurpose Gears: producing innovative textile that does not soak or wet in water; made of natural ingredients of lotus leaf raw material and applying this source into different everyday products in textile industry.
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Ji Yoon Jung,
Min Ji Kim,