IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryF - Electronic and IT / Elektronika i informatyka

Title of invention
 Autistic Edu Platform
Invention discription
 An innovation from True Corporation developed to enhance the “physical and mental development of the autism and Children with Special need. The application help improve fine motor skill, concentration span, communication skill and social skill for children with autism. The series of application include “Kare” “Communications” “Trace & Share” and “Daily Tasks”. Each application focuses on improving different aspect of autistic children skill. By using this applications closely with parents and teachers, it is expected that autistic children will be able to develop essential skills that are important to live a normal life.
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Ms. Sunsanee Chuntanawaree,
Mr. Julapong Soattiphaisal,
Mr. Suchart Nokkrajib,
Ms. Jaiphet Seehawong,