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CategoryN - Medicine and biotechnology / Medycyna i biotechnologia

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 BRONCHO PAM (BRONCHOPAM)© and IMMUNO BRONCHO PAM© –for treatment of chronic and asthmatic bronchitis in addition to influenza in children and adults. Side effects: none, counter-indications: none.
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 BRONCHO PAM (BRONCHOPAM)© and IMMUNO BRONCHO PAM© - for chronic and asthmatic bronchitis. Clinically tested at the Medical University Hospital, Sofia, Bulgaria. In addition, further research by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences has found out that Broncho Pam is effective for influenza H1 N1 and H3 N2, the most common epidemiological agents. Effect: broncholytic, expectorative, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effect. Side effects: none, counter-indications: none.
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English:Dr. Pamukoff - Pam Medica
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Prof Dr Dimite Pamukoff,
Roxandra Pamukova,