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CategoryD - Building engineering, modernization, domestic science / Budownictwo i modernizacja mieszkań

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 Ultra-high performance concrete and casting procedure
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 The invention describes the composition and production method for the Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC). The UHPC is an advanced solution for concrete structures characterized by ultra-high compressive strength (180±10 MPa), ductility provided by the steel fibers, flexural strength over 25 MPa and high durability. These properties conduct to slender cross-sections with a greater span compared to conventional concretes, due to the lower death weight. UHPC production technology ensures a rapid casting provided by the nearly self-compacting flowability. The applicability covers a wide range of structures, both pre-stressed and reinforced, high way and pedestrian bridges, portal frames,
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Cornelia Măgureanu,
Ofelia-Cornelia Corbu,
Ioan Şoşa,
Henriette Szilagyi,
Bogdan-Horea Hegheş,