IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryJ - Metallurgy, iron goods and goods of non-ferrous metals / Metalurgia, towary żelazne i nieżelazne

Title of invention
 Compacted material containing iron and other nonferrous metals in secondary raw materials in the form of briquettes or pellets
Invention discription
 The innovation lies in a use of natural bonding abilities of waste products during the treatment of fine-grained waste materials.
Patent Application2012-25912
Date of Patent Application16.4.2012

Owner of the Invention

Name of company / organization / institution / individual
English:VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
InventorsFirst Name, Last Name, Academic degree
Petr Mlčoch,
Radek Hermann,
Josef Vlček,
Miroslava Klárová,
Michaela Topinková,
Václava Tomková,