IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryC - Mechanics and general engineering / Mechanika i inżynieria ogólna

Title of invention
 New generation of mobile platform of service robot for motion along vertical walls
Invention discription
 The mobile platform for movement on vertical wall of the present invention is formed by a frame mounted on a pivoted bogie with an actuating mechanism and provided with struts with vacuum shoes disposed on individually adjustable holders. The struts on one side of the frame and the struts on the other side of the frame are connected by means of elastic elements. The frame is coupled with the struts by rotary cranks and each strut has its own actuating mechanism.
Patent Application2011-437
Date of Patent Application19.7.2011

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Faculty of Mechanical and Robotics
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František Novotný,
Marcel Horák,
Martin Plavec,