IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryM - Textile and clothing industry / Przemysł włókienniczy i odzieżowy

Title of invention
 Pleated fabric and textile formation comprising a layer of pleated fabric
Invention discription
 The goal of the invention is to remove disadvantages of the background art. The most substantial of these disadvantages is mutual shifting of individual layers of multi layer plane fabric,possibly their undesired disconnecting in vertical direction, which results in loss of mechanical properties of the pleated fabric, deformation of its folds and its non-reversible devaluation.
PatentEP 2 309 045 A1
Patent Application10186476.7
Date of Patent Application5.10.2010

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Institute for Nanomaterials
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Ladislav ševčík,
Martin Konečný,
Pavel Rydlo,
Martin Diblík,