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CategoryK - Agriculture, horticulture, gardening and food industry / Rolnictwo, ogrodnictwa, przetwórstwo spożywcze

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 Revolutionary Herb Technology: High Color and Volatile Retention Dried Herb Packed In Edible-Infused Film.
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 Cooking herbs brings the diversity of flavors and tastes to the authentic flavors of the cuisine. However, preserving these fine and subtle flavors is still a challenge. This “Revolutionary Herb Technology” maintains bold flavor notes, high color retention and shape of the herb, all of which, gives the authenticity flavors and tastes to the cuisine. A multi-step technology involves a rigorous selection process followed by a low impact, fixing, impregnation and drying process that minimize any color and volatile loss. Then the packaging method employs an edible, porous film that entraps any escaping flavors during storage and releases those volatiles back into the cuisine during cooking.
Patent ApplicationThe drying processing of dried herb products
Date of Patent Application1603000253

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English:Naresuan University
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Puntarika Ratanatriwong,
Jareer Mamsour Abu-Ali,