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CategoryN - Medicine and biotechnology / Medycyna i biotechnologia

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 ENTy - polished and highly practical hardware solution for tracking posture, helping with diagnosis and possibly treatment of diseases that affect balance
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 ENTy (the ENT stands for ear, nose, and throat — not the sentient trees) is a device and app that monitor balance and posture in real time, meant to help doctors diagnose and check up on inner ear problems like vertigo. The patient straps on a device the size of a pack of cigarettes to the small of their back, and a set of sensors sends data to an associated app. There’s a real-time readout of position, and you can see that over time as well for a test that requires a patient to stand straight for 20 seconds with their eyes closed. Microsoft awarded hardware startup ENTy the 2016 Imagine Cup:
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English:University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest
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Iulian Razvan Matesica,
Cristian Alexandrescu,
Flavia Oprea,
Daniel Rosner,