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CategoryN - Medicine and biotechnology / Medycyna i biotechnologia

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 Versacryl: Biocompatible Intraoral Thermo-Elastic Material (BITEM) as Multi-Purpose Denture Acrylic
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 Acrylic adjustable by heat from warm water - a thermo-elastic acrylic has received regulatory approval from Health Canada, Health Australia, as well as FDA Approval, CE Mark in Europe. BITEM (Biocompatible Intraoral Thermo-Elastic Material) can be used in any part of a dental appliance and is adjustable by using warm water. It can be used by patients to adjust their own fit and control the comfort level of their dentures. This innovative thermo-elastic acrylic can create any part of a dental appliance to become adjustable, simply by using warm water. It can be extended, for example, into any undercut to mechanically retain a denture; it can be used to produce repeatable thermo-relines; it can replace metal clasps on partials; it can create sublingual wings to stabilize lower dentures and much more. In addition, the consistency of VERSACRYL is pre-determined to furnish a complete range of rigidities; from traditional hard to very soft when heated. The material also possesses an internal memory, which maintains a stable reference point, since it can always be returned to its original shape. Key benefits are to solve common problems through dozens of unprecedented applications and adds new dimension to your dental skills and increases the level of medical service to clients while saving both time and money. And there is no special equipment required.
Patent ApplicationEP19930203468
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English:Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. (Inventors Circle)
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Bob Huybrechts,