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CategoryD - Building engineering, modernization, domestic science / Budownictwo i modernizacja mieszkań

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 CaCOtiles is defined as a tile made from reusable materials which are egg shells. CaCOtiles are made up from egg shell collected from various sources as an attempt to save human nature. Human nature that is polluted and corrupted by us, humans. CaCOtiles can withstand until 750 degree Celcius and 4.67kN/m². Water resistant and mazing strength of these eggtiles are inventions worth a lifetime in the short life of a man
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English:SBP Integrasi Gombak
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Suraya Shabingin,
Dahliza Kamat,
Norzaina Zainalabidin,
Nur Adam Syahmi Samril,
Darwish Mokhtar,