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CategoryL - Chemical industry / Przemysł chemiczny

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 General observation shown that solid wastes around the world increases day by day. This problem is mainly caused by the disposal of waste materials such as plastic, cans and polystyrene. The accumulation of these waste materials can cause detrimental effect towards Mother Earth. Instead of disposing them, we should reuse them and innovate them into something useful and we came out with Gummy SEMASHUR, a useful adhesive for daily life.
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English:Sekolah Menengah Sains Hulu Selangor
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Lisneza Roseli,
Edi Alif Absyar Edi Haryadie,
Engku Amirul Hakeem Engku Mohd Fadzrul,
Muhammad Fairuz Muhammad Lokman,
Syakila Nor Alia Syarifuddin,