IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryM - Textile and clothing industry / Przemysł włókienniczy i odzieżowy

Title of invention
 Builder and anti wrinkles laundry bag
Invention discription
 we invent a new type laundry net, Increase rubbing and Anti-wrinkle Laundry Net. It’s not only can solve clothes wrinkle but also can increase washing level by rubbing structure. Combine these two function, we can help people who have trouble on these problem do the laundry much more easily.
PatentM486661 M489880
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English:Cheng Shiu University
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Huan-Mei Chu,
Chun-Te Lee,
Chia-Sheng Ma,
Yin-Yi Lin,
Po-Ying Wu,
Yi-Hung Tseng,