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CategoryF - Electronic and IT / Elektronika i informatyka

Title of invention
 A BLE and Sub-1GHz to Ethernet Bridge and Gateway
Invention discription
 Users can remotely monitor sensing situations on PC or smart phone APP, which data was uploaded to the cloud database by the proposed gateway. The gateway also can be a web server to provide sensing data on web pages for remote user. What is more, the gateway which integrate micro IP(uIP) with FreeRTOS on Renesas MCU, RX62N, and the advantages of the proposed gateway are open source and very small amounts of code.
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English:National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
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Chung-Wen Hung,
Wei-Lung Mao,
Jia-Yu Sie,
Yuan-Hao Lai,
Hong-Yu Chen,
Hao-Jyun Jhang,