IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryF - Electronic and IT / Elektronika i informatyka

Title of invention
 A smart phone NFC apps with an information system for people to get queuing number in the public service department
Invention discription
 People hold a smart phones contains with an NFC(Near Field Communication) sensor, they go to the numbering machine and give a swipe. Phone screen immediately appears a queued serial number . During the wait, he can move to other places to do other business, the phone will keep connected to the server computer, when the number is about to turn his call, the phone software automatically sends warning message, then he can turn back to the counter for service.
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English:Hwa Hsia University of Technology
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Sheng-Wen Hong,
Ching-Chih Kuo,
Chih-Chen Chen,
Cheng-Ming Chang,
Sheng-Chu Su,
Chia-Chun Lai,