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CategoryT - Others / Inne

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 Application of Internet-of-Thing (IoT) Technology on Alarm Clock for Preventing Falling Back Asleep
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 This innovation way will force the user to move to different rooms to read the tags or barcodes and the user should be more clear-headed to reduce the possibility of oversleeping. This invention has already obtained two utility model patents in Taiwan. They are: (1) The device equipped with the functions of preventing oversleeping (M452361) and (2) The reminding system of preventing oversleeping (M478847) respectively.
PatentM478847 M452361
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English:Hwa Hsia University of Technology
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Peng-Kai Wang,
Chih-Chen Chen,
Sheng-Wen Hong,
Che-Han Kao,
Jhen-Jhu Liao,
You-Shiuan Wu,