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CategoryF - Electronic and IT / Elektronika i informatyka

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 UV Light retroreflective photoelectric sensors
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 In the design of the proposed sensor, the UV light is used as the source since the feature of the UV light has the characteristic of the short wavelength and the energy intensity. On the other hand, the transparent film is made of a polymer material. Then the transparent film is easy to absorb the UV light. Therefore, it can be detected the transparent film when the density of the UV light in the receiver is attenuated. Moreover, the sensor also integrates the transmitter and the receiver so that the volume of the sensor will be substantially reduced.
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English:Kao Yuan University
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Yao-Te Chang,
Sun-Li Wu,
Ming-Chi Hsieh,
Yin-Jun Lin,
Lin-Liang Huang,
Chiung-Cheng Wang,