IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryF - Electronic and IT / Elektronika i informatyka

Title of invention
 A smart diaper using wireless wet sensor
Invention discription
 A transmitter is installed within a transmitter housing that has first and second portions that are pivotally joined to one another, and is arranged to responsive to the wet sensor of the diaper. A receiver responds to predetermined transmitters. A wireless reminding signal may be transmitted to a mobile phone, iPad or laptop computer. The invention may improve the skin rash of infants and patients, causing by the wet diaper in a relatively, clean, and healthy way.
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English:Kao Yuan University
InventorsFirst Name, Last Name, Academic degree
Wen-Chang Tsai,
Yin-Chun Lin,
Chi-Hung Wei,
Yue-Ci Liu,
Cheng-Yi Hung,
Cing-Lin Ye,