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CategoryD - Building engineering, modernization, domestic science / Budownictwo i modernizacja mieszkań

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 Waviness, profile and surface roughness measuring apparatus The RK-4 device is a new embodiment of the automatic remote controlled power profile measuring technology for paving and industrial floors with an accuracy of 0.2 mm. The device allows the automatic system record of waviness and profile along its way. The data recorded in the machine are continuously and wirelessly transmitted to a computer where they are stored. By using special software they may be processed in order to describe and analyze the measurements. The device also has an ability to measure surface texture tested at a given section using precision laser sensor. Friction coefficient measurement apparatus To determine the coefficient of friction, the mechanism connected in series were used on the same axis, consisting of a motor, a torque meter, a measuring wheel is pressed against a tested surface and an encoder. The measuring wheel must be pressed against the surface with a constant force. The engine puts all the parts on the axis in rotation, the speed of which is measured by the encoder. Motor speed can be adjusted using the PWM system. When the system has reached a predetermined constant speed, the measurement of the torque at the motor axis takes place, the size of which is proportional to the size of the coefficient of friction. To increase the torque accuracy of measurements measurement one can reach the target value of speed during the investigation and set the friction coefficient for the intermediate speeds averaging them in the end.

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PatentRP patent No. PL397691 and PL394416
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English:Częstochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering
Polish:Politechnika Częstochowska, Wydział Budownictwa
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Jarosław Rajczyk,
Marlena Rajczyk,
Jarosław Kalinowski,