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CategoryI - Car industry, transportation means, road safety / Przemysł samochodowy, transport i bezpieczeństwo w drodze

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 This device consists of a curved metallic pipe (which length depends on the ship size), finishing by a cone at each end (the cones looking like funnels). Through this pipe a PVC thread is rove, as slim (because being very long, from the sea surface to the cast ship, and back) as resistant (because to not be cut off while operating). To shorten its length, the thread ends are rolled in windings, set in the cones. In each cone there is an air ball, to be floating on the surface in case of submersion. The coming rescue ship is equipped, normally, with very long steel ropes, able to catch up and to tow the sunken boat. The rescue rope has to be tied with the said thread, on an end (instead of the ball’s clamps), while its other end has to be tied to the pulley, thus to be towed, and towed… until raising the ship on the sea surface.

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PatentPCT/BA 2015/000003
Patent ApplicationJuly 1, 2015
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English:Zoran KUTLE
Polish:Zoran KUTLE
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Zoran Kutle,