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CategoryA - Ecology, Environmental protection / Ekologia, ochrona środowiska

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 This invention relates to production of cement from the unused, embarrassing and polluting remains of combustible salt and soda production. Even the meticulous selectiveness proper to this technology of recycling (nothing on the side of Na Cl, present in grand quantity), contributes itself to accumulation of polluting matters added for a better decantation (such as residues of sulphate, carbonate and others). This sediment is deposed in huge landfills, said wait seas, contaminating and threatening the flora, fauna, human environment…

Title of invention
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PatentBAP 143041 A
Patent ApplicationAugust 27, 2014
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English:Dr. Sc. Zehrudin OSMANOVIĆ
Polish:Dr. Sc. Zehrudin OSMANOVIĆ
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Zehrudin Osmanović,