IWIS 2016 - Catalogue

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CategoryN - Medicine and biotechnology / Medycyna i biotechnologia

Title of invention
 Implementation of VieSID occlusal concept in treatment of bruxism
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 Recent data shows that bruxism is widespread, affecting between 6-20% of adult population and 70% for patients with temporomandibular dysfunctions.It is imperative to identify early bruxism signs and monitor the parameters of bruxism episodes in order to preventthetemporomandibular dysfunctions. Early identification of the bruxism signs and symptoms has allowed the planning of efficient therapeutic measures in order to reduce the bruxism episodes and to prevent the appearance of temporo-mandibular dysfunctions.

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English:Academy of Sciences of R.MOLDOVA
Polish:Academy of Sciences of R.MOLDOVA
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Valeriu Fala,
V. Gribenco,
L. Nistor,
V. Pantea,
I. Cazacu,
Gh. Bordeniuc,
D. Romaniuc,
I. Ursu,