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CategoryL - Chemical industry / Przemysł chemiczny

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 A series of new elaborated technological approaches ensure an essential efficiency increase of the biochemical process, due to the combination of the following intensifying factors in the biogas technology: 1) a possibility to carry out the biomass anaerobic digestion in the presence of the type new of phyto-stimulating micro-additives, 2-2.5 times increasing the biomass digestion rate; 2) process running on the surface of fixed microflora under the elevated pressure; 3) intensification of mass-exchange and mass-transfer processes, while using the infundibular/funnel device to ensure the permanent biomass circulation, through the active sludge extrusion inside the reactor as a pulp or high-concentrated mass; 4) a possibility to introduce additionally the balance amounts of electrolytic hydrogen, with regard to the remaining СО2 amount in the biogas composition, which contributes to the biomethane yield increase in the biogas composition from 60-65% to 90-95% and higher, and, accordingly, increase in its caloricity, close to that of the natural gas; 5) a possibility to ensure automatic control over the biochemical process

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PatentMD Nr. 4376; Int.Cl. С2, С02F 1/32
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English:Research and Innovation Institute of the State University of Moldova and “B.T.EST & CO” SRL Company, Moldova
Polish:Research and Innovation Institute of the State University of Moldova and “B.T.EST & CO” SRL Company, Moldova
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Victor Covaliov,
Olga Covaliova,
Valentin Bobeica,
Gheorghe Polisciuc,