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CategoryL - Chemical industry / Przemysł chemiczny

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 The process and setting, which ensures the intensive production of the valuable algae-containing protein forage additive for cattle, due to the selective extraction and application of СО2 from the purified biogas. As a biomass source, the household wastewaters or organic agro-industrial wastes are used. At the same time, biogas produced is utilized as an efficient alternative energy source. The setting contains the device of the biogas pretreatment and purification from hydrogen sulphide through the original galvano-chemical method, with no external current applied. The heat and electric energy produced in biochemical digestion of biomass, is used for the year-round microalgae cultivation in the basin with the energy-saving illumination and heat regime. The setting also includes the device for the flotation thickening and dewatering of micro-algae. The vegetable biomass of micro-algae is thus formed during the photo-synthesis, 94% of its mass being synthesized from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water, accompanied with oxygen (O2) emission. To form 1 kg of dry micro-algae biomass, 1,83 kg of carbon dioxide is assimilated. Under the proposed conditions, the micro-algae daily growth rate per day is 3-4 times higher, compared to the conventional process. Due to the presence of lipids and fatty acids, making up to 40% of their total weight, the micro-algae are mostly valuable feedstock for using as forage concentrate or for other scopes.

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PatentMD Nr. 4418, Int. Cl. B01D 53/26
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English:Research and Innovation Institute of the State University of Moldova and “Agromodvita” SRL Company, Moldova
Polish:Research and Innovation Institute of the State University of Moldova and “Agromodvita” SRL Company, Moldova
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Victor Covaliov,
Olga Covaliova,
Iurie Morari,
Natalia Timofte,