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CategoryL - Chemical industry / Przemysł chemiczny

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 The modified method proposed involves electrochemical synthesis of nano-tubular TiO2 while applying the periodic current with regulated reverse current pulse. This increases the efficiency of anatase crystalline structure formation of nano-tuves with the internal diameter of 60-100 nm and layer depth up to 30-120 nm, providing the high photo-catalytic activity. The specific amount of elementary nano-tubes’ cells on the Ti-based surface makes about (3-5)∙108 per 1 cm2. Nanopores formation regularities are in line with the formila W = 2L + D, where W – cell dimension; D – pore diameter; L – cell’s wall depth. The ratio between the barrier layer depth (Т) and that of the elementary cell’s wall is: T = 1,2 L. The ratio between the pore diameter, cell diameter and barrier layer depth is: D = W – 1,67 T. The photo-catalytic activity of TiO2 is connected with the fact that the light quanta under the UV-irradiation with the wavelength l<385 nm excite the electrons from the valence zone to the conductivity zone, forming the pair electron-hole, i.e. TiO2 + hν → TiO2(е-+h+). This promotes the formation of a series of highly reactive oxygen-containing radicals in water, such as 'OH, 'О2-, 'НО2, 'О2- etc., which ensure the accelerated degradation of persistent organic compounds and bacteriologic detoxication of water. A new design principle is proposed of the photocatalytic reactor on the base of the nano-tubular TiO2. Its operation allows to provide the practically complete degradation of one of the most persistens pollutants – benzothiazoles – in water compartment, up to СО2 and Н2О, along with the bacteriologic detoxication.

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PatentMD Nr. 227Y; Nr. 186Y
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English:Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
Polish:Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova
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Olga Covaliova,