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CategoryL - Chemical industry / Przemysł chemiczny

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 A method proposed involves the post-distillery vinasse digestion with the methane-forming bacteria, while the micro-additives of natural phyto-catalysts are introduced in the biochemical process as stimulators. In this way, anaerobic digestion rate is 2-2,5 times increased. Adding of micro-amounts of Co compounds and ferrocyanide allows to obtain the molecular structure of cyanocobalamine (vitamin В12) and to increase its yield by 3-5 times. Additional introduction of electrolytic hydrogen in the methanogenic process improves the efficiency of methane formation and bioconversion of СО2 and Н2 into СН4, and ensures its high yield in the biogas composition, up to 90-92 % and higher, for the further generation of heat and electric power. The forming sludge contains the water-soluble В12 which is adsorbed from the liquid phase on the layer of diatomite sieve. Concentrated vitamin В12 is recommended to be used as a vitaminized cattle forage additive, whereas the stabilized sludge can be applied as an efficient organic fertilizer.

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PatentMD Nr.4176, Int.Cl. С2, С02F 1/32
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English:Research and Innovation Institute of the State University of Moldova and “B.T.EST & CO” SRL Company, Moldova
Polish:Research and Innovation Institute of the State University of Moldova and “B.T.EST & CO” SRL Company, Moldova
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Olga Covaliova,
Victor Covaliov,
Gheorghe Polisciuc,