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CategoryK - Agriculture, horticulture, gardening and food industry / Rolnictwo, ogrodnictwa, przetwórstwo spożywcze

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 The crop seeds processing with low-frequency electromagnetic field helps to ensure a high and stable yields. It has been established that after this treatment in a laboratory plant yield growth can reach 15-40 percent. Were carried out research studies on the impact of the magnetic field to the seed in the field condition Have suggested to distribute a field technology of seed stimulating with a low-frequency magnetic field to increase their germination and improve the yield of plants for different types of crops and expand the use of the electromagnetic module design for any modifications, and sizes of modern types of grain and rice harvesting machines. In comparison with the prototype, proposed invention has several advantages: - simplicity way of processing is achieved by the traditional threshing technology in a combine harvester bunker, equipped with electromagnetic emitter; - high efficiency of processing significant grain mass is achieved by optimal conditions magnetization in the stationary mode.

Title of invention
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PatentRGP on PHV "NIIS" MJ RK: Application №2016 /0475.1
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English:LLP "Scientific-production center of resource-saving technologies," SAPA ", Almaty, Kazakhstan
Polish:LLP "Scientific-production center of resource-saving technologies," SAPA ", Almaty, Kazakhstan
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Z. Sadykov,
E. Zhalnin,
A. Izmailov,
S. Sadykova,
L. Shibryaeva,
E. Makasheva,
A. Tuguzhanova,