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CategoryN - Medicine and biotechnology / Medycyna i biotechnologia

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 MICA MASK: Anti-influenza Mask from Jackfruit Straw Waste with a Combination Layer between Mint and Eucalyptus
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 Influenza virus is easily transmitted from one person to another, the structure of the viral RNA is very easy to replicate so that people living with the virus are abundant. Anti-influenza mask with a combination layer between mint and eucalyptus is an innovation in health-shaped mask covering the respiratory tract. Natural ingredients are very useful for human respiratory’s health. This mask also utilizes jackfruit straw which are produced by the community and has not been used, so it can be a solution to the waste that currently being a problem. In addition to reduce the cost of production, utilization of jackfruit straw would also reduce the environmental impact of disposal of such waste.
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English:Brawijaya University
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Intan Wahyu Cahyani,
Aizzatur Rohmah,