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CategoryA - Ecology, Environmental protection / Ekologia, ochrona środowiska

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 Natural Water Treatment Systems Based on NR-HNT and NR-Ag Composites
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 Natural rubber (NR) films which can degrade and/or adsorb dyes such as methylene blue, from wastewater which is a serious problem in numerous industries. The capabilities of the film to either degrade and/or adsorb dyes depends on the type of filler (halloysite nanotubes (HNT) or Ag nanoparticles) incorporated. The NR – HNT films exhibits better adsorption capabilities for organic dyes as compared to pristine NR. In contrast, the NR-Ag films called NRAg, exhibits dual mechanism for the decolorization of organic dyes. These membranes can adsorb and degrade the organic dyes such as methyl orange and methylene blue simultaneously. The mechanism of this membrane is depicted in Figure 1 while Figure 2 shows the NRAg before and after application in a typical dye. In addition to these properties, NRAg can easily be fabricated at low temperatures
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English:Universiti Sains Malaysia
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Noor Hana Hanif Abu Bakar,
Tan Wei Leng,
Nurul Hasliza Hasanuddin,
Tan Yee Chien,
Mohd. Remy Rozainy Mohd. Arif Zainol,
Mohamad Abu Bakar,